Part: CNsec30 or CNsec35
Fits: Celestron C8-N/NGT, C10-N/NGT, NexStar 130, Omni 150, StarSense; Orion Astroview, SkyQuest XX and XT, Skyview, StarBlast; Skywatcher; GSO; and many others. If your secondary looks like the one in our photo, these knobs with 30mm screw length will most likely fit.

Secondary Characteristics: 4-vane spider, a deeply recessed center screw, and factory headless set (grub) collimation screws. The secondary plate holding the screws is about 20 mm (3/4”) thick. This is a very common Newtonian secondary configuration.

Knobs: Black plastic, 13 mm (1/2”) diameter
Threads: Stainless steel

  1. We offer knobs with screws having either 30 mm or 35 mm length. Order knobs with a screw length sufficient to allow the knobs to clear the secondary housing. Knobs with 30 mm screws are the most common in this configuration.


Screw length