CELESTRON 6” (15 cm) SCT

The knobs below will fit all versions of the Celestron 6” Schmidt-Cassegrain secondary. Price is for a complete set of knobs.

A. Knobs for C6 f/10 Secondary with Metric Collimation Screw Threads

Part: C6BO (black oxide steel); C6SS (stainless steel)
Fits: Celestron 6” (15 cm) f/10 SCT versions (C6-A-XLT, C6-GT, C6-S, C6-SE, C6-SGT, others)

Knobs: Black oxide steel (black) or stainless steel (silver), 12 mm (1/2”) diameter
Threads: Black oxide or stainless steel

  1. All versions of the Celestron C6 SCT have collimation screws with metric threads.
  2. Black oxide steel (shown in photo) is for dry environments. Lightly oil the knob top and knob serrations periodically as an anti-corrosion measure. Stainless steel provides better corrosion protection in coastal or high humidity areas, or in places where dew or other condensation is common.
  3. The factory dust cover will usually fit properly with Bob’s Knobs installed, except on some very early versions.

$20.95 (black oxide steel)
$25.95 (stainless steel)

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