MEADE 14” (36 cm) SCT

We offer knobs (Item A) for all versions of the Meade 14” f/10 and f/8 Schmidt-Cassegrain secondary with exposed collimation screws. These telescopes have six secondary screws where three outer screws are for secondary disassembly, not collimation. We do not offer knobs for the very early Meade 14” f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with recessed factory collimation screws (Item B).

A. Knobs for Meade 14” f/8 or f/10 with 6-Screw Secondary and Exposed Factory Collimation Screws

Part: M14-6e
Fits: Meade 14” (36 cm) f/8 or f/10 SCT versions with 6-screw secondary and  exposed factory collimation screws (Includes LX200ACF, LX600, LX850)

Knobs: Black plastic, 16 mm (5/8”) diameter
Threads: Black anodized aluminum alloy

  1. The factory dust cover will fit properly with Bob’s Knobs installed.
  2. See our FAQ and technical paper for additional information on installing Bob's Knobs on Meade telescopes with six factory secondary screws.
  3. An Allen wrench for removing the factory collimation screws is included with your order.



B. Meade 14” f/10 with 6-Screw Secondary and Recessed Factory Collimation Screws

Early Meade 14” f/10 SCTs have recessed collimation screws, as shown in the photograph. These headless set screws are located near the perimeter of the secondary and are accessed through notches in the cover plate. We do not offer knobs for these scopes because they would be in the light path.